Monday, November 24, 2014

Stick Vacuum Product Review

Years ago I purchased a stick vacuum cleaner and was very impressed. It even picked up more dust and fur from the carpet than the larger vacuum cleaner that I had at the time.

The stick vacuum cleaner has lost some of its pick up power over the years, but I still use and still like it.

I like that it is bagless, so there are less supplies to buy. The filter is replaceable, so replacing that has helped boost the pick up power from time to time.

What I especially like about it though, is that I can use it on the stairs without any cords being in the way, and it is light weight enough that I can also easily carry it up and down the stairs and maneuver it too.

Another convenient feature for the model that I have, is that the main motor part lifts out of the larger unit, and becomes a hand held vacuum.

There are various attachments to use to help get into nooks and crannies, and a brush attachment to help brush up fur (for the hand held unit.)

The model that I purchased was an Ergorapido by Electrolux.

Cheryl Paton

Friday, November 21, 2014

Small Crockpot Review

I purchased a small Crockpot this fall and am quite impressed with it. I've used it several times now to make different variations of vegetable soup.

Per the manufacturer's instructions, I fill it around 3/4's full with the vegetables and then cover the veggies with broth. Then I stir in any seasonings. I set the switch to on, on High, and in around 3-1/2 hours, we have a pot of good soup, without me having to return to the kitchen to stir it multiple times.

I really like the convenience of not having to make sure the veggies aren't sticking to the bottom of the pot.

We have the 2.5 quart size, which works out great for our family of three. It's also small enough to fit on our kitchen counter without having to re-arrange things.

I used to have an older style which was also quite larger and heavier; I hardly ever used it. I'm really liking the smaller model, and I've also noticed that it is quite a bit lighter in weight than the old model that I used to have.

Today's Crock-pots come in different shapes as well. Some also have delayed starts and temperature probes.

Cheryl Paton

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Walk to the Hits by Leslie Sanone DVD Review

I recently purchased a new Leslie Sansone Walk DVD. This DVD refers to the Hits as in Party Songs, and also HIIT as in High Intensity Interval Training.

One major difference with this fitness DVD by Sansone, is that it gives you the choice of just walking to the music, or listening to Leslie too.

I kind of like listening to Leslie's banter and instructions, so I do listen to her talking as well.

In this DVD, I also felt like I was dancing as well.

The other major difference is the HIIT, because you build up to the higher intensity moves, but only stay there for a short while before bringing your heart rate back down. Then you exercise (walk) to the lower intensity a while before going back up to the higher heart rate routines. This is done throughout all three miles, instead of having certain miles that are higher intensity than other miles.

I like this pattern myself, and find it easier to walk the three miles than in the other Sansone DVDs I've used.

The one that I bought is the Party Songs version. It also comes in Radio Remixes.

Read more about earlier Walk Away the Pounds DVDs that I have used, in my article at HubPages.

Cheryl Paton

Friday, September 26, 2014

I have started writing on HubPages

I have been an online writer for some time now, and have mainly been writing on Squidoo.

Squidoo was purchased by HubPages, and it has become my new preferred writing site.

I have tried out a couple of others since the close of Squidoo, and found HubPages to be a better fit for me.

They have more user friendly tools, and also helpful templates in place for certain types of articles, such as crafting.

You don't have to know the template you want in advance. You just type in your title for your hub and it will match you up with an appropriate template, and you can choose to use it or not.

I have been busy updating some of my many Squidoo lenses into hubs, and overall have been enjoying the process.

If you would like to join me on HubPages, you can visit one of my hubs to get an idea of what it looks like, and to sign up if you want to.

The link will take you to my Blending Acrylic Paint on Canvas hub.

It doesn't cost anything to join, and you can earn money writing about things you like and love.

Cheryl Paton

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stretchy Hair Ties Review

Stretchy hair ties are pre tied in to a loop, that you stretch around your hair, and put on like you were using a rubber band. They are, however, better for your hair than rubber bands. I have found them to be gentle on my hair, and they hold up their stretch well. I’ve been using mine for around a month or so now, and they’re all working well.

The pre-made designs usually come in darker shades of colors, and from what I’ve seen; the print is on both sides of the tie. If you like the darker shades, and want the print on both sides, then I recommend the pre-printed ones. I also like the option of picking your own designs in this assortment. You can choose from both solids and prints.

The print on demand ones that you can order from, come with the print on the outer side. The colors appear somewhat lighter on these as the dyes are just printed on the outer layer. If you like fun artistic designs that you might not see too many of, then I recommend choosing from the many design options at Zazzle.

This is my favorite design from Zazzle so far. I like all the different colors.

I have found that the darker colors at the print on demand company, like black, didn't show up quite as well as the more pastel colors did.

Both types above are made from elastic ribbon.

Find instructions to Design Your Own Hair Ties.

Cheryl Paton

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sportline Pedometer Review and Link to Purchase

I only recently purchased the Sportline Pedometer, but am impressed with what I have seen so far.

I used to have a non-battery powered pedometer, and it left quite a bit to be desired.

The latest pedometers are battery powered and tell you so much more than just the number of steps taken.

The Sportline 345 Pedometer gives readings for the steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned.

It is very easy to set, just hold down the Mode/Reset button until it zeros out. It will start again at zero and begin counting once it notices movement. When you stop, just toggle through the Mode/Reset button to read the different displays. The numbers are easy to read.

This unit comes with a replaceable battery that is good for a year. The unit remains on in between uses.

I liked it so much, that I even designed My Walking Chart, which I shall soon order from Zazzle.

There are daily columns for # of steps taken, distance, calories burned, and also one for location. I thought it would also be nice to see if there was a difference in calories burned with a change of terrain.

I'd be interested to know your feedback on the chart design.

Thank you.

Cheryl Paton

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Goo Gone - a product review

The bumper sticker was old and very faded. I applied one coating of the Goo Gone and waited a few minutes, per the instructions. After the initial wait, I was able to peel the vinyl like top coating.

A very sticky layer remained. I applied a second coat and let it sit a couple of minutes. It loosened it up quite a bit and I got a good bit of it off.

I applied a third coating of Goo Gone and waited another minute or so, and easily wiped the remaining sticky stuff away. Voila, all the sticky spots and signs of the old bumper sticker were gone.

I had a second smaller bumper sticker that I decided to remove. It hadn't been on the car quite as long, only around a year or two. That one only took two coatings of the Goo Gone for it to be wiped away. I again had to peel the vinyl type layer off first, and then did a second layer. That was all that one needed.

If you have a sticky residue on a hard surface to remove, I would recommend Goo Gone.

Cheryl Paton This product was purchased by a family member. The company did not pay for this review. C. Paton earns income for items purchased through links on this page.