Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Gardening Tips - Less Weeding

My garden has grown over the years. As it has grown, it seemed that there was more weeding to do. Then I invested in making my walkway path weed resistant. It isn't perfect, but it is a lot better, and also artistic now, too.

I started out by laying down blank newspaper paper, topped it with two layers of landscaping fabric, then I laid down patio pavers; lastly I filled in the area around the pavers with pebbles, river rock. The addition of the rocks made the pavers more secure.

Doing this has made it easier to walk around my garden and has also reduced the weeding; which is a very welcomed plus!

I placed four patio pavers next to one another with their edges touching, by the gate area, so that the pebbles wouldn't escape out the gate.

As you can see, I've also added some artistic designs to the pavers. I did this with acrylic outdoor patio paint. I love the artistic touch. It's like having a gardening room outside.

You can find various kinds of pebbles and rocks, and patio pavers at your local home warehouse type store. If not, you can also find options online. You can click on the link to search for more options.

All the best to you in your gardening ventures.

Cheryl Paton

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Positive Affirmation Songs

Songs are such an easy way to help influence how we think and feel. When the tune is catchy, we can easily find ourselves singing along. Without even thinking about it, the song becomes part of us. We have been making affirmations with freedom and ease.

The songs below are all ones that I have listened to, and also purchased and made my own unique positive affirmation songs CD.

Since I've started using affirmations, I now know the importance of how my thoughts can be influenced, so I've started taking more positive action in choosing what I listen to.

If I really like the tune of a certain song, sometimes I'll just make up my own words that better match what I want to foster in the way of my thoughts. Have you ever done that?

I've listened to a variety of Affirmation Songs that were labeled as such. However, the best ones that I have found weren't originally called affirmation songs. Their messages though are positive and feel good, and they're a great way to make affirmations.

Get ready to feel good. I've been looking for a friend like you.

This is a modern upbeat song. The chorus is, I've been looking for a friend like you...

It's so important and helpful to foster the idea of friendships.

Isn't it just wonderful to hear, I love how you love me.

What better thing to say about your sweetheart or mate, that you love how they love you.

This is a soft and rhythmic song, the kind that can inspire romance. The original song is sung by Bobbie Vinton.

For entertainment, fun, and reinforcement, Sing!

Make up a little jingle with your own positive statement.
It will make it more enjoyable to repeat,
which also helps to reinforce it.

My Girl

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.

When it's cold outside, I've got the month of May....

My Girl is an oldies song by the Temptations. It's a great feel good song.

Have you seen the movie, Sister Act? In it, Whoopi Goldberg sings a modified version of My Girl, in which she sings, My God.

Your love keeps lifting me higher than I've every been lifted before.

Your love keeps lifting me higher is by Jackie Wilson.

This one has a Motown beat to it. I just want to bounce around in my seat as I listen to it, while sitting at my computer.

It is helpful to think about each one lifting the other one up. This is such a powerful message.

Good Morning

Get up, get up. Wake up to a new morning!

It's a brand new day.

This is the first time that I got to hear this song all the way through, and it's good. This song is mostly sung, and also has a little rap in it.

It's a nice reminder to think about it being a new day.

This is an upbeat and peppy song, and a great way to start the day, and/or to think about morning at any time of the day.

Good morning Starshine; the earth says hello, is a wonderful greeting.

Oliver has a positive song to start off the day.

"You twinkle above us. We twinkle below," are some of the words to this light and airy song.

Walking on Sunshine

I used to think you loved me, now baby I'm sure...

Katrina and the Waves say it's time to feel good.

My foot is tapping and I'm rocking to the beat of this upbeat tune.

Yeah, I'm starting to feel good!

Katrina and the Waves will get you ready to move and groove with this upbeat song. Get ready to walk on sunshine.

Actually, I usually dance to this sunny song. How about you?

I hope you have enjoyed my selection. By clicking on the links you can listen to a sample of the song, and also purchase the complete song on Amazon.

Making your own CD from your favorite feel good songs ensures that you'll have a great selection to listen to, too.

Cheryl Paton

No Attachments No Aversions Lesters Story

While on my spiritual path, I came across the book, No Attachments No Aversions, by Lester Levenson. Lester was a man who lived life, tried to get ahead, and ended up with all kinds of health problems, personal problems, and was given two weeks to live, three at most, by his doctors. He was sent home to die. He was told not to do the stairs.

He was frightened and scared, afraid to make a move. But gradually he thought, I'm still here. He decided to question himself. He went inside himself and began questioning how he got to where he was.

He also started asking himself when he was most happy. At first he thought of outside things that made him happy, but realized most of those were fleeting. He then realized that he was most happy when he was loving toward another.

So Lester started making changes to his feelings to feel more positive and loving toward others; this changed his life dramatically. Lester also decided to not eat animals anymore. Lester's health greatly improved after only about three months. He lived for another forty-two years, without seeing anymore doctors.

Levenson was truly an inspiration. You can read more about Lester Levenson, in his own words in his autobiography, in No Attachments, No Aversions.

Cheryl Paton

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bib Apron from Zazzle Review

When I shop for aprons, I look for the ones that have a bib on them, so that my shirt, etc., stays cleaner.

Since becoming an artist on Zazzle, I like to order their products from time to time, to check out the quality.

One of the items that I decided to buy was an apron for myself. I chose white in the medium length for adults.

I have had this apron for several years now and have washed it a number of times. It has had spaghetti splatters on it, that with a spritz of Shout before laundering, easily came out.

The printed design has held up well over the washings, and I would recommend this apron to anyone.

The adult size comes in two lengths, the medium length, and a longer length. I am wearing the medium length in the photo. There is one basic size for kids. The color choices are white, yellow, and khaki for both the kids and adult sizes.

Turkeys are cool, pointillism custom aprons
Turkeys are cool, pointillism custom aprons by Cherylsart
Check out more aprons by CherylsArt at Zazzle.

Cheryl Paton
CherylsArt at Zazzle

Friday, June 12, 2015

Comparison of Zazzle Stamps to USPS

Zazzle is a print on demand company that allows people to design postage stamps that can be used on mail within the United States.

How do these stamps compare? First off, both Zazzle and the USPS offer peel and stick postage stamps. They are both of good quality.

The main difference is the size of the stamps. Typically, the postage stamps printed by Zazzle are larger than the ones printed by the U. S. Post Office. The stamps that Zazzle prints are larger, to allow room for the Zazzle logo to be printed on the stamps, as well as the design.

Another difference is the price. Unless there is a really good sale going on at Zazzle, their stamps usually cost quite a bit more. The Post Office receives their cut on the stamps that are sold by Zazzle. Then there is the up charge to cover Zazzle revenues to pay themselves, their staff, and their designers and sellers.

The other main difference is the design options and personalizing capability that a print on demand company can offer. This is what Zazzle offers that customers don't get when buying stamps at a U. S. Post Office. Customers can choose from a variety of themed stamps for their businesses, special events, greetings, etc., and they can also personalize them if they choose.

This doesn't mean that anything can be printed on postal stamps from Zazzle. The designs and text still have to meet the guidelines set in place by the United States Post Office.

You can learn more about Zazzle and their printing process in the video below:

With custom stamps from Zazzle, people can let recipients know that they are thinking of them.

They can announce their event right on the envelope:

Yellow Aqua Chevron Dots Baby Shower Stamps
Yellow Aqua Chevron Dots Baby Shower Stamps by Cherylsart
Look at more baby stamps by CherylsArt at Zazzle.

They can easily share their message to the receivers.

As you can see, there are many reasons why people choose Zazzle for stamps when they want to say that something extra.

I have used Zazzle stamps before and would use them again when I want that something extra.

Cheryl Paton

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Get Creative with Lego Bricks

Lego has been around for a long time now; I remember playing with them when I was a kid. My latest adventure with them though was in my 50's.

For some reason, I decided that I wanted to build a wedding set. After checking some various Lego and toy stores, I decided to ad-lib. So I looked around for items that could look like a wedding set. I went with the Atlantis City.

I liked that the set had white and gold pillars; they would be perfect for a wedding look.

Since I hadn't built anything out of Legos for a number of years (actually decades), I decided to follow the pictorial instructions and built their recommended set. Then I backtracked and took apart what I didn't want and re-assembled those parts to make it look how I wanted.

This is what I came up with.

As you can see, it looks more romantic and church like in my modified version.

That is one of the things that I like about Legos. You can build what is recommended, or you can go in your own direction, and build something else.

The other thing that I like about the Lego bricks, is that they are smooth; they always fit together.

And lastly, the picture directions are spectacular. They show you step by step how to put the bricks together.

The Lego bricks come in different sizes, so that little hands can handle the larger bricks, and larger hands can handle the smaller ones. They have themes for kids to adults, and for both boys and girls. They also have kits for a variety of budgets.

Cheryl Paton

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wave Pool Fairmont West Virginia

This is a different kind of review for me. I've decided to write a review of the Wave Tek Pool that is located near Fairmont, WV.

Wave Tek is located in Pleasant Valley, WV; it is near Fairmont, which is north of Clarksburg and south of Morgantown.

Wave Tek is a community pool that is operated by the Marion County Parks and Recreation Commission. People come from various locations as it is the only wave pool in the area (that I know of.)

It is relatively clean and the water is refreshing if you like it cool to cold. It may take some adjustment when you first get in, but if it's a rather hot summer's day, then the adjustment feels rather good.

The pool does not always have waves. A siren is sounded before the waves are turned on, so that the pool goers can get ready or get out of the pool. The waves are on for around fifteen minutes at a time, and then the water is calm again.

A lot of people use the inner tubes, especially when the waves are on. In fact, inner tubes are the only flotation device that you are permitted to use in this pool. You can rent an inner tube or bring your own. They have been known to run out of inner tubes, it all depends on how crowded it is that day.

The pool is surrounded by a cement walk, and there is a grassy hillside on the side where sun bathers can lay. Beach towels and blankets come in handy for some relaxing time.

(Photo is mine and is of my husband.)

On rather hot summer days, the cement area can get pretty hot, so flip flops or sandals are recommended. You will need to walk on the cement to get to the snack bar, the dressing and rest rooms, and to the inner tube rental areas.

The pool also has a slide for those who want a little more adventure.

We used to go here on a regular basis when our daughter was younger, it was a nice family outing. If we had lived closer, we would probably have gone more often.

If you live or are in the Fairmont area, then I do recommend Wave Tek as a nice pool to go to.

Here is a bag that I designed that you can take your supplies in.

If you go, keep your skin protected. It is best to use some water resistant sun block to help reduce the rays.

Cheryl Paton